Online controllers and analyzers

     Online water quality system that was developed by combining a chemical sensor with an artificial neural network technology and a virtual instrument technique.

     Our controller products offer measuring and controlling devices adjusted to your need based on your parameter applications. The measurement signal is passing through simple transmissions forwarding it to a programmable controller which indicate each measuring value based on design to control each system and applications.

     The results demonstrate that the system provides an effective approach to water quality control for environmental protection, industrial process, production. Moreover, this will support on data analysis for future planning, preventing and measuring and control instruments which have been specifically adapted to particular applications. They are available in different performance classes and can be integrated in many processes.

  Turbidity/ Suspended Solids (SS)   Residual Chlorine/ Ozone
 pH/ ORP  Ion
 Dissolved Oxygen (DO)  Conductivity
 Gas Combustion Detector  Fluoride
 Resistivity  MLSS